Somos Organicos

Since over 10 years Somos Organicos have been exploring rhythms and sound, which help us to go into trance. What once has started as a dance with blindfolds in a living room became a wonderful place to meet ourselves as well as others.

The “Somos” don’t have songs, because every moment already has its own.

We just have to listen…

Michi Köng

After my first musical attempts with a Hammond-organ, I discovered the drum. A great love arose. The intuitiv play with and for other people grabbed me, and since then I have been diving deeper and deeper into this world. And also new instruments have found a way to me: Didgeridoo, Balafon, Hang… 

The Somos became a unity which allows me to explore and discover every musical direction – there are no limits. A playground, which you, dear dancers, are enriching and actually making real for all of us. Thank you!

Another great passion is handcraft. I got lucky to inherit a small wood shop which became the main support for me and my family. At this place, many instruments of my dreams have been created already. And I’m still dreaming…


Damian Benedetti

Damian plays the drums, percussion, guitar and sings in various musical directions like: Reggae, Latin, Worldmusic, Balkan, Folk, Rock, Metal, Spiritual and songwriter songs.

He knows to demand more of himself when he sees there is potential. This also in a band or a project, what makes him sometimes to a challenge for his environment. But he thinks that it’s ok.

He loves to master the basics from where he moves on. What that means, he’s recognising every day again.

“Alchemy of sound and silence” is one of is life lessons and he takes this challenge with pleasure. And appreciates being able to play music from moment with Somos Organicos.


Beat Nydegger

It’s not about music, it’s about love. Honestly! What else should life (in the end) be? We always have the choice. But that doesn’t mean, not to be authentic, not to live the moment as it is, as it feels. Angry, sad, or in a truly good mood?

I play music reach a destination, a place we all know well. Where everything is possible but nothing is required.

Often barriers are in front of us. And it looks like as there’s no getting around them, there’s no way out. Gifts like music, let us find a path through our mental labyrinth and let us just be human.

I dance and make music with everything and always – mainly with piano, guitar, flute or percussion …and have been doing that since I can think.